Types of Curtain Track

Discover the different types of Curtain Track.

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Types of Curtain Track

Flexible Curtain Track

It is possible to purchase flexible tracks, which are ideal for bay or bow windows if you want to follow their line with the curtains.

They are made of PVC and are very strong. (Flexible track used here curving over the top of a curved window).

Extendable Curtain Track

These are by far the most common today. They are purchased in standard sizes with a range that they can be extended to.

They are ideal as you can alter them to suit different window widths without having to cut them, and it leaves room for human error, which often occurs when measuring curtains.

They are generally made of metal and are often powder coated colors. The have slides or guides on the back side which curtain hooks fix to.

They are generally hand drawn tracks, but are available as cord drawn. This means that you use cords at the end of the drapes to pull the curtains across the track. It protects your curtains from dirty hands frequently pulling them across which happens if they are hand drawn.

Flexible Curtain Track shown here curved over a semi circular window.

Fixed Curtain Track

These are what are used when you have your drapes custom made. The windows are measured and the tracks are made exactly the correct width. They function the same as an extendable track i.e. they have slides or guides on the back which hold the curtain hooks.

A variation of this is the motorized track. This has a remote controlled motor which draws the curtains for you. Great for areas that are hard to reach, tall windows in two story atriums, or high level borrowed lights, or for people with disabilities, they are an ideal solution.

Double Tracks

These are useful for when you want to use two sets of curtains, or a pelmet and a curtain.

They are neat and tidy and keep the two curtains separated so that they don’t get caught up on each other.

There are variations of these, double curtain rods or poles, tension rod poles.

Ceiling Mounted Track

This track is mounted to the ceiling rather than the wall, it is useful when you have a window that goes right up to the ceiling or a wide sill that protrudes that you want to avoid.

You can mount a track far enough out so that the curtain hangs straight and misses the sill. It works well for heavy fabrics, as the ceiling mounted track is stronger than the wall mounted.

Ceiling mounted track behinh a cornice or pelmet.

Curtain Wire

This is a coiled wire with a plastic coating. It is slightly expandable and is fixed by eyelets screwed into the wire at each end, which are then fixed to the hook.

Curtain wire is used for lightweight fabrics, sheers and nets, that only have a short span to cover and do not need to be drawn.

A simpler style of rod is a tension rod which gets positioned between the window frame, and is held there by a spring tension system. This is frequently used for shower curtains.

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