Palladian Window Curtain Ideas

Palladian, Arched Top, Curved Top Window Curtain Ideas and Photograph Examples

Palladian windows, or arched, curved top windows are an architectural design feature of a home and often the debate between architects and interior decorators about should they have window treatments or not. They have a arched top with a rectangular window under.

I think that you can both show off the Palladian window detail and allow the room to have window treatments.

Find some examples of how Palladian windows have been treated to give you ideas on what to do with your window treatments.

palladian window with swags and tails

In this example here, swags and tails have been used behind a large window molding which is acting like a pelmet to conceal all fixings and tracks.

The fullness of the curtains to the side has been kept to a minimum so as not to detract from the Palladian window form.

The fabric that the swag is made from is translucent, so you can still see the shape and form of the curved window top.

multiple curved top windows

These curved top windows in a bedroom have used a different application, a simple rod and ring system fixed above the windows so that the shape and form of the window is still visible and the curtains can sit of the windows.

What I don’t think works here is the use of pinoleum blinds at the horizontal part of the window. I think these break up the form and unbalance the windows.

sheers for privacy at arched top window

This arched top window has been treated to allow some privacy into the dining room. A simple scarf drapery has been hung over a decorative rod.

Personally I think it would have worked better without the swags as they detract from the window form, drawing your eye to the horizontal part of the window, not the curved top.

curved window top with curtain rods

This study or den’s curved top windows form is lost slightly by the choice and placement of the decorative rod.

The color of the rod is lighter than the window frame and catches you eye first, it is also placed too low and covers part of the window frame.

The curtains work well, it is simply a few small details that detract from the lovely form of the wooden curved top windows.

recessed palladian window with sheer curtains

This recessed palladian window has been treated to add privacy to this room with a very simple rod and ring fixed across the horizontal part of the curved top window.

A simple gathered sheer has been used to filter light and create privacy when required. It is not a particularly decorative curtain therefore it does not distract much from the shape or form of the window.

a collection of palladian windows

This grouping of Palladian windows in a formal dining area can cope with a very elaborate curtain held well above the windows on a decorative curtain rod with curtain rings and held back off the majority of the two end windows.

The central window is still in full view during the day, so we have the ability to appreciate the lovely shape and form of the curved top windows.

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