Living Room Curtain Ideas

Living Room Curtain Ideas

What looks better at night than luxury curtains drawn in your living room, they make the space appear warm and cozy and add texture and color to the room.

During the day the curtains frame the window adding softness and design to the living room.

Find some ideas for different types of curtains that can be used in the living room as decoration or as functional curtains. The photographs will probably spark your imagination and provide you with ideas to create original curtain design ideas of your own.

Curtain Ideas for Living Rooms

Drapery at the window to create decoration.
Curtains to not have to be functional, they can be used purely for decorative purposes, adding design flair. Here a lovely brass curtain rod is used and fabric appears to be draped over the rod and the tied in a waisted form. It is a very novel and individual approach to window drapery, it covers the window frames and breaks up the window space form, softening the wall of blinds.

Multicolored curtains in living room.

This is a curtain design idea that I have never seen before. Personally, I don’t like it but it does create a talking point. As you can see different fabrics have been used for each side of the window curtain and the tie backs. The more I look at it the more I dislike it. Firstly I think that the fabric is too light compared to the upholstery fabric of the chairs and sofas, it is in a different style and not in keeping, secondly I feel that they are hiding the lovely detail of the windows behind. I will stop there!

Simple sheers create informal living room idea.

We don’t always have to have heavy lined curtains for the living room. Here you can see sheers have been used effectively as curtains, creating a soft and delicate look at the windows. This curtain design idea creates an informal feel to the living room space.

Formal curtain design ideas.

Once again, a brass curtain rod has been used to create decorative window treatments in this living room. These curtains are purely decorative and sit at the sides of the windows and have a contrasting swag hanging from the top. This look formalizes the living room, and is an idea for window treatments if you don’t need the privacy or insulation properties of curtains, you solely require the aesthetics.

Curtain Design for the Living Room

Windows using shutters and curtains.

In this example we see curtains and shutters combined in the same living room. This is so the sunlight can be managed from the predominant light source. The other window can stay “undressed” except for the curtain at the side which can be drawn at night. This way a view can be seen during the day through the window, and the harsh light through the other can be negated. A patterned fabric has been selected, the background color is the same as the wall color which allows them to sit quietly in the corner and blend, add some pattern to the simple design and decoration of the room, but not overwhelm.

Simple cream curtains in this living room.

Simple cream curtains in this living room abruptly stop the boldness of the red color of the walls. The room is warm and cozy, then bang! The cream curtains frame the window for you to look at the view. A roller blind has been used to block the sun when required with a decorative scalloped lower edge.

Formal decorative curtains.

The curtain design in this living room is one of the focal points of the room. They are used to frame the window and the view. They are held back with holdbacks keeping the fabric is a particular manner to permanently frame the window. The fabric is darker than the walls so you are naturally drawn to it and it sets a formal tone to the room. The heading is very ornate, and coordinates with the quality and style of the furniture and accessories of the living room.

Formal living room curtains idea.

A rouched valance with tails provides a formal curtain for this living room. They curtains are allowed to hang quite fully and held back at a low point with cord tie backs. The use of sheers and such a full drape of fabric blocks the view out the window and allows you to focus on the living room and the detail of the ceiling and the chandelier.

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