Bedroom Traditional Curtains Ideas

Bedroom Traditional Curtain Design Ideas Photographs

Bedrooms almost always require window treatments. We need curtains in the bedroom to provide privacy, reduce drafts and heat loss, keep the daylight out in the morning.
The important thing to remember is to ensure the curtain design is in keeping with the interior design of the bedroom. Traditional bedroom curtains look fantastic in a traditional styled home.

They look tailored and elegant and create a sense of style to the bedroom. See some examples on this page of traditional bedroom curtains, and there are more which you can find by following the link at the end of the page.

Coronet Bed Drape

Coronet Bed Drape

A coronet bed drape or curtain is basically curtains and a valance which are draped from a curved board fixed to the wall above the head of the bed. Lined curtains are hung from the board to softly drape or hang down either side of the bed and then held back out of the way with tie backs or hold backs. This example is used to try and bring the level of the ceiling down, as it is very high in the bedroom, and the chandelier is also a tool for lowering the look of height to the ceiling.

traditional bedroom curtains

Traditional bedroom curtains often use florals, these curtains have a feminie country look. The soft colors of the roses and the ruffles create a relaxed whilst still formal look.

bed coronet drape or curtain

Bed Coronet Curtain

Another bed coronet curtain or drape, once again being used to lower the ceiling with a chandelier and the ceiling painted a darker color than the walls.

The curtains at the windows are in the same rich gold fabric and the style is simple as there are many decorative pieces in the bedroom interior.

If the curtains were elaborate, they would detract from all the lovely pieces in the room, like the screen, lamps. chandeliers, candelabra, etc.

Traditional bedroom curtains

Traditional Bedroom Curtains

The curtains in this bedroom have used a gathered heading and are fixed behind a pelmet. This pelmet is created by using a ceiling cornice molding. It provides a wonderful continuous smooth line around the bedroom at ceiling height.

The curtains are hung behind and are grouped equal spacings across the windows and tied with tassel tiebacks. The sheers are fixed behind the pelmet also and diffuse the strong daylight and create a softness to the formal bedroom.

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