Contemporary Bedroom Curtain Photos

Contemporary Bedroom Curtain Design Photograph Examples

Contemporary bedroom curtain design tends to be low frills, with a minimum amount of fuss. Simplicity of lines, designs and fabrics.

Blinds are popular on their own or teamed with curtains.

Decorative curtain rods are popular using simple heading styles, like tab top, grommet top, pencil pleat or clips.

The four poster bed is back in style, adding romance to the contemporary bedroom, and is often decorated in sheers or voiles, soft and subtle drapery.

Contemporary Bedroom Curtain Design
Roman blinds and shades in masculine styled bedroom.

Lovely timber feature wall, with beautiful view to outdoor garden. The roman blinds or shades work well here as they do not take any of the view away and sit comfortably at the top of the window. In the evening, they sit flush with the wall and are unobtrusive. Simple clean lines creating a masculine themed bedroom.

Simple Design
Decorative curtain rod or pole.

Simple decorative rod and rings for this window. The curtains are short so they don’t get in the way of the window seat.

Simple Curtains
Vertical louver blinds in the bedroom.

Vertical louver blinds are an easy window treatment for this bedroom. No problems with choosing patterns or designs, just simple vertical stiff panels that you can adjust to suit the amount of light you want to enter the bedroom.

simple curtain design
Mosquito net and simple casement sheers.

Sometimes just the suggestion of curtains is all you need. A mosquito net over the bed and a casement headed sheer or voile draped back and held with a ribbon tieback. Simple and softening the modern look of the venetian blinds.

Contemporary Curtains
Ceiling hung curtains reveal a TV.

Ceiling hung curtains behind a pelmet can be drawn to reveal a large screen TV! Wow! Or when the TV is not in use, they create a feature wall of fabric.

Modern Curtains
Grommet or Eyelet Top Curtain on Decorative Rod.

Grommet or Eyelet Top curtains on a decorative rod or pole. Bold primary color fabric creates a focal point to the room. Simple vertical lines created with this curtain design.

Contemporary Bedroom Curtain
Modern four poster bed.

The modern four poster bed with swags and draped with sheers or voile fabric and tied back low near the bed to create a full and romantic curtain at each post. This look is continued with the bedspread draped on the floor.

Draped fabric over a four poster bed.

I’m not sure how to describe this curtain other than a panel of fabric draped over a steel four poster frame. It has a tassel at the ends for added decoration.

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