Grommet Top Curtains Photos

Grommet Top or Eyelet Curtain Design Ideas

Grommet top or eyelet top curtains have a contemporary look and feel.

Their simplicity of design means they can be used in a manner of different situations varying from shower curtains to inner city apartment curtains, kitchen cafe curtains or bedroom and living room curtains.

In an example below they are used in a restaurant as convenient screen curtains.

So go an have a look below at the photographs and see what you can do with modern grommet or eyelet top curtains.

grommet or eyelet top curtains

Commercial use of Grommet Top Curtains

This lovely commercial space has used grommet or eyelet top curtains as contemporary screens to separate spaces when required.

These curtains work well in this situation because they are easy to install, can be pulled back simply and the space opened up, the curtain rods are at ceiling height and don’t interfere with the flow of people at ground level when they are open.

Therefore this commercial space in a hotel can be used for multiple purposes, small niche informal meetings in grommet top curtain surrounded alcoves, or a large open plan function.

bedroom grommet top curtains

Bedroom Grommet or Eyelet Top Curtains

This bedroom has a simple and functional interior design.

The grommet or eyelet top curtains are perfect for this style of bedroom space. The no frills look is purely functional to cover the windows at night.

The grommet top or eyelet curtain are a popular ready made or store bought curtain and therefore popular for student accommodation, flats, dorms, apartments, rental properties or for a quick DIY remodel or makeover for first home buyers.

Grommet Top Decorative Side Curtain

Grommet Top Decorative Side Curtain

In this example the grommet top or eyelet curtains have been created as decorative side curtains.

Roman blinds are the functional window treatment in the room and the decorative side curtains is a silky sheer fabric have used grommet or eyelets as the heading and are threaded through a decorative rod with a very elaborate finial creating a focal point in the corner of the room at the curtains.

The eyelet heading forms soft even folds and brings movement into a very rigid formed interior.

Grommet Top Decorative Side Curtain and Drapes

Grommet Top Decorative Side Curtain and Drapes

This photograph is obviously from the same house as above. We now move from the dining room to the living room but in contrast the room has a feeling of comfort as the drapes are soft and flowing compared with the roman blinds of the dining room.

These drapes also have an eyelet heading and gently loop their way around the room creating a relaxed and casual appearance. The decorative curtain is as above and the colors coordinate with the cushions on the sofa.

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