Curtain Pelmet Photos

Curtain Pelmet Design Ideas and Examples for Interior Decoration

Curtain Pelmets are predominately a traditional for of curtain design, but recently they are being used more in contemporary interiors. Curtain Pelmets have many functions, to hide the curtain track and fixings, to stop any stray light entering from above the curtain head, to frame the top of the window and to provide drama and elegance to an interior.

Find some ideas of how to use curtain pelmets in interior decorating and curtain design by looking at the photo examples we have below. There is a wide rage of differing styles and applications of the curtain pelmet.

Curtain Pelmets for Color Coordinating Fabrics

You can just see the edge of thsi curtain pelmet.

This bedroom has used a curtain pelmet to coordinate the bed cushions with the fabric of the curtains.

It has been used to balance the color in the bedroom.

The darker blue fabric pelmet lowers the height of the ceiling or draws your eye downwards.

Molded Ceiling Cornice Pelmet

Molded Ceiling Cornice Pelmet

This is a common from a of pelmet fro traditional rooms, the molded ceiling cornice pelmet.

It is part of the ceiling decoration and is brough in fromthe edge of the wall at the windows allowing enough space for a double ceiling mounted track to carry the sheers and curtains.

This type of pelmet is not obvious as it apears to be part of the ceiling.

The curtains in this example are grouped at the mullions and tied back with tassel tie backs.

Carved Timber Curtain Pelmet

Carved Timber Curtain Pelmet

I love this original styled curtain pelmet.

It is in keeping with the style of the room.

The curtain is a tone darker than the wall color and is not the feature of the room.

The bed is definitely the focal point of the room.

The curtains are functional and the carved timber pelmet ties in with the large timber doors it spans.

Bedroom Soft Scalloped Edge Pelmet

Bedroom Soft Scalloped Edge Pelmet

I don’t think the color scheme works in this bedroom, but the pelmet is interesting.

Matching colored fabric for the curtains and pelmet create an organised look.

The pelmet has been used to create an entire wall of curtains, disguising whatever may be behind.

Elaborate Upholstered Pelmet

Elaborate Upholstered Pelmet

The pelmets are used in this formal dining room to lower the ceiling and reduce the appearance of great height.

Height can be intimidating when you are seated in a room like this, so the pelmets are used to provide the appearance of lowering the height.

Intamacy is created using the warm colors of the curtains and under curtaisn. They have a fringing to the leading edge and cord tassel tie backs.

The pelmets have a red swag draped along the front breaking the vertical stripes of the pelmet.

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