Screens Photos

Photos and Examples of Screens for Interior Design

Screens are a way to divide up spaces and create privacy in rooms without the need of solid fixtures.

They are also often used to cover windows like curtains as they are more versatile.

See some examples of screens being used here for home interior decorating.

Shoji Screens

Japanese Shoji Screens

These are used to separate spaces and still allow a small amount of light to come through and a cleaner look than drapery.

sea shell screen.

Sea Shell Screen

This is such a fun style of screen, very creative with the use of colored sea shells, rope and driftwood. A novel way to divide up a space.

Opaque screens

Large opaque screens used to separate rooms and create a contemporary look.

grommet top eyelet curtains

Grommet or Eyelet Top Curtain Screen

Grommet or eyelet stiff canvas curtains on chrome rods are used here to create screens in this restaurant.

An interesting way to divide up spaces without the use of solid walls, and allowing versatility of use to the restaurant.

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