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Blinds and Shades, examples of how to use them for decorating windows

Blinds and shades are a versatile window treatment, depending on the type they can allow light to still enter the room and still create privacy and they can be used in conjunction with curtains.

From the roller blind, to roman blinds, micro blinds and timber blinds, the choice is now incredible.

So take a look at the photographs and get some ideas for using blinds or shades for your next window treatments.

micro blains

A micro blind is used at this window to create privacy, it can be tilted to allow some light through if need be, or left closed it can be used to hide an ugly view out the window.

This example uses them so that the curtain can hang on the left side only and does not get in the way of the person climbing the staircase.

As a side, the valance or pelmet is very decorative and I am unsure what it is called, but I will call it a harlequin designed pelmet or valance (I’m not sure how it is designed), but it looks great.

tropical hut and pinoleum blinds

Pinoleum blinds are used in this tropical hut. The roof is a fixed structure but the walls roll down, they are pinoleum blinds. This way air can pass through and the sunlight can be filtered to cool the space.

Traditional Roller Blind

Traditional Roller Blind

This is the traditional roller blind that I remember as a child. It has the scalloped hem with a fringe and the small tassel to use to raise and lower the blind. It is used to block out the daylight and for privacy at night as the lace net curtains over are purely for decorative purposes.

japanese blinds

Can you help me with this one?

I love these blinds but I don’t know what they are called. If you know, send an enquiry through the web site and let me know, and then I can share it with our readers.

roman blinds shades

Roman Blinds or Shades

This is a huge roman blind or shade on a Palladian window. the top curved section is fixed and then the remainder draws up and down to form simple folds when up.

I must admit it looks fantastic in this space, but I am guessing that it would be very heavy to pull up and down!

You can see here how you don’t have to use just one type of window treatment in the same room. Here they have used the roman blind or shade and an inverted pleat curtain. They compliment each other.

Roman Blinds or Shades

Roman Blinds or Shades

Roman blinds or shades are used under the curtains in this interior. The curtains are purely decorative on a rod and the blinds are the working part of the window treatment.

They are the functional part that keeps in the heat, stops the drafts, blocks the light, and creates privacy.

The color is the same as the window frames and interior joinery. This means that when they are lowered they look like part of the furniture!

Roman Blinds or Shades

Roman Blinds or Shades

This is the most spectacular and ambitioous example of roman blinds or shades that I have ever seen.

Doesn’t it look amazing.

It creates a wave form over the ceiling, and as you can see it can be raised and lowered depending on the position of the sun to keep the diners in the restaurant at a comfortable temperature.

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