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Decorating With Curtain Valances

When you think of curtain valance, frills and over the top ornamentation come to mind.

This may be the majority of curtain valances, but they can also be simple and modern, well tailored and elegant, traditional and grand.

Take a look below to get some new ideas on curtain valances for window treatments.

You may start putting the good old curtain valance back into your interior decorating repertoire.

Curtain Valance over a Portiere

Curtain Valance over a Portiere

This lovely french provincial styled home uses a rich and heavy velvet as a portiere curtain, and to ensure that the curtain track cannot be seen, and to stop as much heat escaping from the doorway a curtain valance has been used.

You can see that there is some gold trim used at the top of the valance, bit it is restrained decoration and is balanced by the gold cord tiebacks holding the portiere curtains off the doors.

A simple valance for maximum effect.

Simple Net Valance

Simple Net Valance

The classic net valance, a simple casement heading threaded through a rod or pole.

This is used in this situation to make the window look a little taller than it actually is as it is placed quite some way above the wide and narrow window.

It now appears to have more pleasing proportions to the eye.

Traditional Valance in Kitchen

Formal Tapestry Window Valance

Traditional Tapestry Window Valance

It just goes to show how versatile the window valance is. See how this formal application of a tapestry fabric design around a bay window with a bullion fringe can add to the grandeur of a room without overpowering it’ presence.

This example allows the timber or wooden bay window to be seen and admired. For more information on bay windows and window valances.

Balloon Shade Window Valance

Balloon Shade Window Valance

This balloon shade window valance creates a sense of style and formality to this dining area.

The style of valance is well tailored and compliments the furniture and central light fitting which are essentially the features of the room.

The stripe added to the curtain to match the upholstery fabric of the chairs helps to lower the height of the curtain and make the space feel more intimate.

Harlequin Flag Valance

Harlequin Flag Valance

A window valance with a difference. This valance is dramatic yet subtle in the same breath. The style is bold in a simple interior, the tassel at the end of the flags is the feature and creates the rhythm for the beginning of the walk up the stairs.

The window valance defines the window boundaries and creates interest at the base of the stair as it is a difficult window to decorate.

The lightweight translucent fabrics that are used work well as the curtains appear light and airy not heavy and foreboding. The tassels give the window treatment it’s only “bling” for want of a better word, and that is all it needs to succeed as the shape and style of the window valance creates a wonderful style and formality to the window.

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