Curtain Tie Back Photos

Curtain Tie Back Ideas

Sometimes curtains require to be held back off the window.

A curtain tieback is an ideal solution for this.

There are hundreds of types of curtain tiebacks so where do you start to look for ideas?

Try looking below for some tieback design ideas, they can be simple or elaborate, it all depends on the type and style of curtain, find a style that fits in with your design can be difficult, but don’t give up, there will be a curtain tieback for you!

A Decorative Tassel Curtain Tieback

A Decorative Tassel Curtain Tieback

An example of a decorative Tassel Tieback. These are very popular tiebacks and are usually used with rich and elaborate fabrics, and heavy drapes as they are large and weighty, so it is important to get tieback proportions correct.

Fabric tiebacks

Fabric tie backs. This room has an unusual curtain design. In fact it is the first time I have seen anything like it!

Different colored fabric curtains. Interesting. The tiebacks follow the same line with opposite colors to the curtain.

plaited tiebacks

Plaited or Braided Tiebacks

Simple fabric braided or plaited tiebacks work well here as they are permanently fixed as the curtains are only decorative and used to frame the view outside.

Bobble Fringe Ties

Bobble Fringe Ties

Bobble fringe has been used in this example as a decorative way to tie and hold curtains grouped at regular positions across the window.

Cord Tassel Tieback

Lovely example of using a cord tieback with a tassel.

the tieback is fixed at one third of the overall height of the curtain to create a pleasing proportion to the eye.

Portiere Curtain Tieback

Portiere Curtain Tieback

A cord and tassel tieback is used here to hold back a portiere curtain at this archway. They are fixed high on the curtain.

Simple Matching Fabric Tieback

Simple Matching Fabric Tieback

This is a good example of how a tieback doesn’t have to be the feature of the curtain, it can be made of the same fabric and simply blend in.

Matching Fabric Tieback

Matching Fabric Tieback

This curtain has a matching fabric tieback complete with piping to the lower edge.

cord tieback

These curtains are held back with a simple cord tieback which is attached to a metal rosette.

fabric tieback

a decorative trim held by a metal rosette adds interest to a simple curtain design.

Cord and tassel tiebacks

A fabric tieback with Cord and tassel tiebacks used once again to hold drapes in place off the windows.

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