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Contemporary Curtain Designs

See examples of contemporary curtain design photos.

Contemporary curtain design, simply means curtain styles and designs that are currently popular.

The variety of home design means that contemporary curtains cover a very broad range of styles. Basically contemporary curtains design is the styles that are popular and fashionable now.

So go and take a look at these curtain design examples and see if any of them suit your needs. Get ideas for your home of just browse for fun.

curtains framing the view

Curtains – Framing the view

These contemporary curtains are black and create a frame around the windows and are combined with black blinds. The interior has a Scandinavian feeling with the pale timbers and simple lines. Because of the color choice for the curtains they are not the feature, purely functional and there to close off the view to the beautiful pool at night.

Contemporary curtains not the feature of the room

Contemporary curtains not the feature of the room

This interior is modern, light and airy with great views out the windows. The design is uncluttered and unadorned with decoration, therefore the curtain design follows this theme. The fabric is the same color as the walls, the headings, a simple gathered head, no patterns or accessories, they simply hang at the sides of the windows and blend into the background. Even when closed at night they form a continuation of the wall, just adding a small amount of movement in the way they hang.

Ceiling mounted Curtains

Ceiling Mounted Curtains

These ceiling mounted curtains are the same color as the wall and used as a back drop when drawn. A simple heading is used, there is little fullness to the fabric and they work so well with the simple lines of the interior style.

Eccletic Interior Requires Unique Curtains

Eclectic Interior Requires Unique Curtains

This eclectic interior requires curtains that are outside the square as there is no underlying theme to the eclectic style. The curtains have pattern and texture and are combined with pinoleum blinds, which also provide a textural look at the windows. The curtains work to tie in all the elements of the room design and balance out the unusual combinations

Contemporary Colored Curtains in Traditional Dining Room

Contemporary Colored Curtains in Traditional Dining Room

This dining room has traditional furniture and contemporary looking curtains. The gold silk curtains are fixed behind a wall length pelmet and combined with simple sheers. They add some plushness to the interior as the upholstery fabric is rather dull. IR they used tiebacks, the curtains would appear more traditional in style but left hanging like this and not having great fullness means they have a contemporary look.

Full Height Contemporary Curtains

Full Height Contemporary Curtains

These curtains are fixed behind a ceiling cornice which hides any track and heading, therefore all you see is the soft folds of the curtain. The fabric is white and matches the chair upholstery. They are not textured or patterned as there is a lot of pattern and texture in the room already with the feature fireplace and the flooring.

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