Bedroom Traditional Curtain Photos

Traditional Bedroom Photos and Ideas for Curtain Design

Traditional bedroom curtains tend to have more detail than contemporary or modern bedroom curtains.

The fabrics are often heavier and more detailed, the headings more complex and the bedrooms more elaborate.

Take a look below and see how these traditional bedrooms have been decorated and how the curtains take on a leading role in the design or style of the bedroom.

Four poster bed with elaborate curtains

Four poster bed with elaborate curtains

Frills and Bows on the wallpaper and the bed curtains. Warm buttery yellow, broken up with a soft slate gray with a touch of burgundy red creates a warm and cozy traditional styled bedroom. The wallpaper sets the design style, and the curtains fixed at each corner are elaborately decorated with frills in the same color. The bows are the same color which doesn’t break the height of the curtain and four poster bed.

The top drapery is a soft sheer fabric which drapes and hangs over the ends and under the bow, just to create a soft romantic feel. Its the same fabric as the curtains at the window allowing the light to enter and create privacy when drawn.

This is a computer generated bedroom. Cold and uninviting, but has some traditional curtain design elements. The portiere curtain has goblet pleats as a heading, as well as the side curtain. The fabric tie back is a traditional curtain accessory and the detail of the ceiling moldings and choice of furniture lend to traditional elements. The color or lack of it however is a contemporary factor in this bedroom design. So I have picked this as a traditional bedroom, specifically to show you the goblet heading curtains as these are not very commonly seen.

If reds and golds had been used in this interior bedroom, can you imagine how different this would look!

Box Pleated Bed Pelmet

Box Pleated Bed Pelmet

This traditional styled hotel room has a formal tailored appearance, the box pleated bed pelmet with a very small side drape frames the bed.

The curtains at the window create well needed color with the addition of red to the neutral buttery walls. The formal pelmet at these curtains uses the same fabric as the curtain.

This tailored look creates a traditional and smart bedroom look. It is ideal for a hotel as it is non offensive, not masculine or feminine in style and hospitable and inviting at first glance.

Brass Bed with Lace Curtains

This traditional bedroom had loads of lovely traditional details. Timber window frames are enhanced by using lace curtains at the windows and leaving the frames exposed.

The brass bed has a lace curtain at the head of the bed, tying in the lace curtains from the windows. This creates a textured and comfortable feeling to the bedroom.

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