Sheers Nets Curtain Ideas

Sheers, Voiles and Nets- Curtain Design Ideas

Sheers, Voiles and Nets have been around for years, but the design applications for these fabrics has changed considerably.

They are no longer there purely to filter out the daylight or create a little privacy. They are now a design feature in themselves as a window treatment.

Careful consideration is now taken to make sure that the curtains and sheers, voiles or nets all coordinate with the main curtains and the interior as a whole.

See examples of how sheers, voiles and nets are used for interior decorating.

Traditional Fabric Designs Deserve Traditional Lace Net Curtains

Traditional Fabric Designs Deserve Traditional Lace Net Curtains

The wonderful floral fabric design is bold and breathtaking as curtains and upholstery. To ensure that this fabric is balanced at the window a heavy lace net fabric is the perfect companion.

If a white sheer or voile was used it would appear to light and flimsy, so the heavy lace net works well.

Sheers for Pivacy and Decoration

Sheers for Privacy and Decoration

Two different sheer or voile fabrics have been used here.

The white fabric has been used to create privacy in the room and the gold fabric has been used to create a soft and romantic side curtain pulled and held back with a fabric rosette.

Grommet Top Sheers

Grommet Top Sheers

The use of grommet top or eyelet top sheers in the room provides a modern look to the windows. The room is kept light and airy and as the fabric is translucent it doesn’t enclose the room, it still has a sense of openness with diffused light entering during the day.

Printed Voiles or Sheers

Printed Voiles or Sheers

Printed voiles or sheers are now a popular way to create interest and drama at a window. This photograph here is an excellent example of how well it works.

The sheers or voiles have a printed gold chandelier on them, mirroring the feature chandelier in the center of the room.

This adds interest to the window and balances the heavy red fabric that has been used as a window valance and curtains. If the fabric for the sheers or voiles had simply been white, then the flow of detail on every surface would have been broken.

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