Bedroom Modern Curtain Photos

Modern Bedroom Curtain Photos

Designing your own bedroom is more difficult than designing for others. After all it will be you that needs to be comfortable in your bedroom surroundings. Contemporary or modern bedroom design appears simple in it’s concept, but to actually put the bedroom scheme together requires just as much attention to detail as a more elaborate traditional bedroom design.

Contemporary or Modern Bedroom curtain designs usually tend to have a simple heading and a plain or textured fabric, but of course there are always the exceptions. Don’t feel pressured by this assumption. Choose something new and be innovative in your bedroom curtain design. Get some ideas from the bedroom curtain photos below, it often sparks your creativity into choosing something slightly different than you had envisaged. Step outside your comfort zone but always make sure that then end result will create a warm and cozy environment for you to sleep.

modern bedroom curtain
contemporary four poster bed curtains

Contemporary four poster bed curtains

This bedroom is contemporary in the fact that black and white and motifs are all the rage, but you can see with the simplicity of bed linen and bed curtains that it is a crisp modern look.

The curtains are hung on a simple rod between the four poster bed top rail, with a simple casement heading, and they puddle gently on the floor. I do think that the choice of charcoal gray as the fabric color does detract from the strict black and white scheme, but that is personal opinion.

contemporary bed curtains
romantic red drapery on for poster modern bed.

Romantic red drapery on four poster modern bed

The four poster bed again, this time simply draping a rich red sheer fabric across the top of the bed frame and then tied at each corner.

This creates a modern and romantic look for the bedroom, it softens the uncluttered look and creates interest and movement. Obviously the bed curtains in this bedroom are purely for decorative purposes only.

modern curtain design
Pelmet creates tailored look for modern bedroom

Pelmet creates tailored look for Modern Bedroom

This modern bedroom’s lines are ordered and neutral relying on the texture of the sofa and ottoman fabric, and the pelmet and curtain fabric to create subtle interest.

This creates a warm and comfortable looking and feeling bedroom. The curtains hang in a tailored form, but don’t confuse this with tailored fussiness, these are simple with clean lines, and functional for the bedroom.

This modern bedroom does lack the personal touches, but is an ideal design for a hotel as it has a generic feeling of luxurious comfort.

contemporary bedroom curtain design
Contemporary Bedroom Style

Contemporary Bedroom Style

This bedroom has some characteristics of a contemporary bedroom, but the curtains do let it down in one area only. The fabric tiebacks. If we got rid of them, what a different look we would create!

The lighting, bedding, simplicity of flooring and furniture sets the perfect backdrop for a modern bedroom design. Then we have the same color fabric as the walls which makes the room feel open and airy except the curtains on the left meet at the middle and are held back with tie backs.

A simple change to removing the tiebacks from the curtains and pulling them back off the window would make the room look remarkably different and continue the theme and style of the bedroom. The same can be said for the curtains behind the bed, the bulk of them are being used as a backdrop for the bed head which works, but one again the tiebacks let the scheme down.

modern curtain design
four poster bed curtain without the four poster bed!

This bedroom has elements of a modern bedroom, the soft subtle sheers on the side windows combined with the blinds, and the interesting design of a four poster bed curtain without the four poster bed!

This is a novel idea of making the room appear more romantic, softer and in reality it really is an oversized mosquito net!

The curtain has a casement heading which is then threaded through fabric and attached to the ceiling at the four corners of the bed on the ceiling.

The reason I don’t think this is a fully modern bedroom is the patchwork quilt. It definitely screams cottagey style.

fun curtain design
Rod and clip curtain heading design.

This is a funky modern curtain heading using some traditional elements. The timber rod and ring is generally classed as traditional, but by using the clip fixing to the fabric, it updates it to a modern heading. The subtly textured fabric panel curtain is typical of modern curtain design.

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Interested in taking your love of fabrics and curtains further? Only watch if you are ready for change!

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