Bedroom Color Walls

Bedroom Color and Walls

Bedroom colors are a very personal choice. We can guide you and give you ideas, but at the end of the day, you have to decide what color makes you feel comfortable and relaxed so that you can get the best nights sleep.

The walls of a bedroom can be randomly decorated like those of a teenager, painted in dark colors and then covering them in posters, or subtly decorated in pale pastel wallpaper like a baby’s nursery. A popular choice for bedroom walls today is to use a feature wall behind the bed in a textured or patterned wallpaper, or contrasting paint to the rest of the room, creating a backdrop for the bed.

Feature wall color in bedroom - bold and effective

Bedroom Sets are another way to help you choose your colors, start with the furniture as a theme and then move on from there. Choosing white bedroom sets help keep the bedroom space looking open, and work well with bright bold colors as bedding with highlight accents around the room, and equally devine in the traditional blue and white or blue and yellow. Dark timber bedroom sets appear sturdy and solid, and look great teamed with creams and golds, pale timber bedroom sets have a more Scandanavian feel and look good with crisp clear colors of green and blue. Using bedroom sets are a simple way to create a style in your bedroom, and then you can have fun with colors to enhance that style.

Here you will find ideas from photographs of bedroom walls, meanings for helping you choose wall paint colors, and some room wall color options which show you how you can completely change the look of a bedroom.

Romantic Bedroom Wall Options Experiment with wall color combinations for a romantic bedroom. Feature walls, gold, white, black and red options.

Guest Bedroom Wall Options Experiment with wall color combinations for a guest bedroom makeover. Feature walls, blue, orange, green and tan options.

Baby’s Nursery Wall Ideas Experiment with wall color combinations for a baby’s bedroom.

Meanings for Colors Learn about the meanings of colors and how they make you feel. This will give you ideas on which ones will work best in bedrooms.

Bedroom Space  How color can change the feeling of the space in your bedroom.

Bedroom Feature Wall great use of a feature wall.

Red Zebra Designed Bedroom something a little different for bedroom design.

Feature Walls Using wallpaper as a feature wall is the new trend for decorating within the home.

Feature Walls Advice on Feature Walls – where to use them in your home.

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