Red Zebra Designed Bedroom

Red Walled Bedroom with Zaney Zebra Skin Design

Quirky Bedroom

I find that this attempt to go bold here hasn’t been successful. There was a fun concept but they just haven’t pulled it off.

The proportions are all wrong. Have a look at the side table, can you see a small spec of a red table lamp? It is a ridiculous size, especially with the boldness of the zebra skin design bed cover.

Then there are all these mirrors, the ones on the wardrobe are ok, but the small mirrors on the wall behind the bed are tiny and placed haphazardly. The room would actually look better without the mirrors on the wall.

Red walls and zebra skin!

The boldness of the zebra skin pattern requires a large scale “something” on the wall behind, something else in black and white perhaps?

I’m not sure what is on the left in pale timber but it does not fit with the remainder of the furnishings. I think the chair squeezed into the gap also appears to be an after thought.

How could I improve this bedroom?

Tall horizontal lampshades on white cylindrical lamp bases. Black and white pillows with some red scatter cushions. A large white picture over the bed with a black frame. Remove the pale timber piece of furniture, move the wardrobe to be more centered and balanced along the wall, perhaps add a white flockati rug to add fun and random texture.

The bed head doesn’t suit the bedcover. I think that the zebra would have looked better as a rug on the floor or have no bed head. Well I have crucified this bedroom! Even with my suggestions I still don’t think it will look exceptional.

I feel that the red is too rich and aggressive for this bedroom space.

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