Romantic Bedroom

A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Romantic Bedroom

Why is it that everyone wants a Romantic Bedroom Shouldn’t the romance start somewhere else in the home?

The living room, with music for the mood, soft rugs and cushions, the dining room with the appreciation of a fine candlelit meal… I think romance is a continuous journey that usually ends up in the bedroom and by that time it doesn’t matter what the room looks like. But as you all seem to be searching our website to create romantic bedrooms we’d better make the effort to give you some help.

Where to Start Creating Your Romantic Bedroom

Review what you already have in your room. Make a list.

Think about what your aim is. I.e. do you spend a lot of time in the room – is it to be functional, such as to house your PC or can it be a place of rest as it was initially intended before the dreaded TV and PC entered our lives and changed our bedrooms to become an extension of the living room.

Some like animal prints to create romance.

Some like animal prints to romance.

Is it to be a place of indulgence, solely for the purpose of R+R+R (Reading, Relaxation and Rest), a quiet haven from the demands of family life? Or are you trying to spice up your relationship by setting the mood every time you go to bed.

Do you have a budget?

Are you intending on a fresh start or reusing some items from your existing Are you going to make cosmetic changes with the addition of new soft furnishings and rugs or hard changes with wallpaper, lighting and flooring?

The next step is putting all your findings from above together.

Do you have a look / theme in mind?

Minimal – no clutter, bare basics, texture and plain colours, use softer colours.

Contemporary – use long flowing fabrics, multiple types.

English Country – frills, valances, layers of window treatments, lots or groupings of collectables, well used furniture.

French Country – rubbed gold, filigree, decorative framed photos.

Next step to your romantic bedroom

Take your look/theme and research it, decide what will be the crucial items that identify that look. These will be the places to start and focus. Can you use any of your existing items with that look; can you alter them to conform to the look? For example – change a bed head/end or change the knobs of a chest of drawers, alter a lampshade.

Basically decoration is a process of collection and elimination – get all your ideas together, select what you like and get rid of the rest.

So take your bedroom and move everything out that hasn’t won the right to stay, and this provides the bones for your decorating project.

We now need to find a focal point, or major feature for the room, something that will truly draw your attention every time you enter the room. This could be a painting, a chair, your bedcovering, the window dressings or a chandelier (if you have the space).

From that we can start to select other finishes/products to use that will compliment it. Think of yourself as a painter you are slowly layering the room like a painter layers his oil on the canvas.

You have now dressed the bones of the room and its time to add the “jewelery” or the items that will set off your scheme.

Cushions, pictures, lamps, photographs, candleholders, personal items/memorabilia, lingerie (just dropped that one in there), tiebacks, tassels, holdbacks, crystals, flowers, vases, mirrors, oil burner, incense, books, throws.

The focal point is the bed.

The focal point is the bed here.

To conclude, design and decoration is an important part of our life, it can change mood and enhance the way we look at life. It is essential that you don’t try to recreate something you see in a magazine – use it as a starting point and incorporate your personal bits and pieces into you scheme. You want to make sure you are living in your own home, not a hotel – void of personal identity.

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