Blue and Yellow Color Schemes

Blue and Yellow Color Schemes

Blue and yellow color schemes always have a happy, sunny appearance. They are warmer than the more traditional blue and white color schemes and just as popular. They are used frequently in kitchens and bedrooms. Take a look at the blue and yellow color schemes below to get some ideas on how the two colors can be combined together for successful interiors.

Blue and Yellow Bedroom Featuring Toile de Jouy Fabric

Yellow and Blue Bedroom Featuring Toille de Jouy Fabric

A simple yellow and blue printed cotton toile de Jouy fabric depicting a wonderful French landscape design is used extensively as the decoration of this bedroom. The walls are kept simple in a very pale blue and a bold blue cushion stands out as a focal point sitting on the chair. I think that this color could also have been used to greater effect if it had been used for pillows on the bed and given the room more contrast and focus.The design is easy on the eye, and relaxing, which a bedroom should be, so I think the blue and yellow color scheme works well here.

Blue and Yellow at the Dining Table

Blue and Yellow at the Dining Table

Here we can see how blue and yellow is popular for accessories. The dining table has been set for dinner and consists of blue glasses and napkins with blue and white plates sitting on yellow place mats.

Blue and Yellow in the Kitchen

Yellow and blue in the Kitchen

The blue and yellow accents in this kitchen spark life into neutral colored cabinetry and counter top. The window valance in blue and white toile de Jouy adds movement and life to the windows and is accessorized with yellow tassels. The blue vase with yellow sunflowers is a popular way to add color to a kitchen. You can see that creating a blue and yellow color scheme does not mean you have to paint everything blue or yellow. You can simply use accessories to enhance a neutral interior.

Blue and yellow color schemes, a popular interior color combination option.

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