Blue and White Color Schemes

Blue and White Color Scheme Examples

Blue and white color schemes are a popular color combination.

They always look smart and they never go out of fashion. Perhaps the shade, tint or tone of the hue will change but the concept remains in trend.

Just think of all the blue and white ceramic designs in the world, starting way back in China, and still as popular today.

Below are some photograph examples of blue and white interiors to give you ideas.

Blue and White Bedroom Color Scheme Using Pattern

Blue and White Bedroom Color Scheme Using Pattern
Traditional blue and white bedroom design.

Here it is used in a traditional form for this bedroom. Blue and white floral bedspread, striped curtains, and a combination of cushions and pillows on the bed in floral, solid blue with a white pin dot. I am ignoring the gray and white upholstery fabric on the seat at the end of the bed, I am not sure where this fits into the scheme, but I would take it out! I think the stripe of the curtain fabric would look much better here.

Contemporary Blue and White Bedroom

Contemporary Blue and White Bedroom

Soft and muted, this relaxing contemporary bedroom uses form rather than pattern or texture to create the interest in this space. However, I see a small amount of texture under the bed in the form of a shag pile rug in brown. Just a little bit of texture to break the hard lines of the remainder of the bedroom. The blue is restful and calming on the walls and the furniture in white appears solid and functional.

Basic Blue and White Boy’s Bedroom

Basic Blue and White Boy's Bedroom

Blue has always been the most dominant color for boy’s bedrooms, and more often than not stripes are included. In this bedroom the walls are horizontally striped in a mid blue and white and the bed spread in navy blue with three narrow white stripes giving the illusion of a wider white stripe. The pillow is white with navy piping and to tie in the wall color another striped fabric has been added for a cushion and the signature cushion is monogrammed in the blue wall color. Subtle but effective use of this color combination. It creates a crisp and clean look that is timeless and will grow with the child. This is why blue and white color combinations are so popular.

Blue and White Kitchen

Blue and White Kitchen

Blue and white can be seen frequently in kitchens, especially when teamed up with natural timber like the flooring and counter top in this example. It always appears crisp and clean and tends to coordinate with most appliance finishes, be it white, stainless steel, black or gray. The great thing about this color combination in kitchens is that you can update them by simply adding a modern splash back in a contrasting color, or use canisters in a color or stainless steel, or glass and fill them with something colorful.

Bathroom Blue and White Splash Back Detail

Bathroom Blue and White Splashback Detail

As I discussed above about the kitchen, you can update the look of a blue and white color scheme by adding a modern or themed accessory. Here this bathroom vanity has been given a lift by fixing a blue and white glass seashell decorative tile as a splash back. It creates interest, introduces a seashore theme, protects the wall from water splashes and can be changed at a later date to upgrade the look again.

Blue and White is a color scheme that is always in fashion in so many shapes and forms.

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