Bathroom Design and Decoration for Homes

Bathroom Design and Decoration

Bathroom design and decoration ideas, information on planning, fittings and fixtures, wall finishes and flooring. Learn about plumbing and how a bathroom works.

Ideas for Bathroom Design and decoration

We use the bathroom every day. That’s a good reason to have a well designed and decorated  space, because often we can have the whole family sharing the small bathroom space in the mornings, we need to work out how we can achieve a harmonious flow in this area.

We not only look at aesthetic considerations but also ergonomics and functionality. Learn about bathroom and ensuite design planning and renovation and find out what  fittings and fixtures you need. There are examples  to give you inspiration when you have your planning sorted.

Bathroom Styles, Critiques, Design & Decoration

See examples of  designer styles, get ideas for decoration, and learn how to critique a design to see if it works.

Bathroom Lighting and Electrical

Bathrooms today are very dependant on electricity as well as water. We show you some electrical fittings and items that you need to think about when you are planning a new home or renovating an existing space.

Bathroom Plumbing, Taps & Faucets

Have you ever wondered how the water gets to your tap or where it goes to once it leaves the basin or bath? We show you the basic principals of plumbing which isn’t as difficult as we have been lead to believe, it is actually very interesting. You won’t ever look at a WC pan the same again. Have you ever tried to purchase a tap or faucet? Then been faced with hundreds of choices, we break the barriers down and make tap and faucet selection easier.

Bathroom design - marble walls and floor to this bathroom.

Bathroom Accessories

Accessories are the finishing touches that we always forget to budget for in our project planning. They may sound small but they add up quick, so learn what they are and specify them at the beginning of your bathroom project.

Bathroom Design - Historic Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom Makeovers

We have some ideas for bathroom renovating, the first one is a simple change of wall color – somewhat radical color choices but it shows how little you need to do sometimes to create a big change to the bathroom’s look and style. The second is an Historic Bathroom Makeover, it is simple and provides some good ideas for the use of materials and color in your bathroom makeover.

Bathroom Flooring, Vinyl, Tiles

We provide information on materials such as vinyl flooring – a great product for wet areas in the home, and tiles and stone products add luxury and create a clean and sophisticated look.

Bathroom Color, Paint & Wall Coverings

If you are renovating, using a decorative paint finish is an economical way to update the look or style  or even the simpler makeover using paint color provides a wonderful facelift for any tired looking bathroom or ensuite.

Bathroom Resources
Bathroom Curtains and Blinds
Bathroom Fittings and Fixtures
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Bathroom design can be simple and functional or luxurious and ornate.

Bathrooms can be simple and functional or luxurious and ornate.

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