Electrical Switches

Electrical Switches and Power Outlets

The Electrical Fittings

These come in numerous styles and finishes. Plastic, metal, modern, historic, retro. The best way to find out what fittings you want to use is visit your local electrical supplier, they usually have all the ranges on show and you can feel them and see them as they would look on the wall.

Electrical Fittings for Bathrooms How to choose them for your bathroom design.
Electrical Planning for Bathrooms

Electrical Planning

This is important if you are looking at renovating or planning a new home. While you have walls open is a good time to upgrade your electrical wiring and add any fittings that you may require.

When planning new, it is best to check and double check before your walls are lined that you have everything that you need. Plan where you are going to put heaters, heated towel rails, where you need power for a hair dryer and electric toothbrush, are you going to have a spa bath or hot tub, do you have adequate lighting for make up application, there is a lot to think about before you line those walls.
Power Outlets and Light Switches.

Light Switches and Power Outlets

You will require light switches and power outlets in your bathroom, as mentioned above there are many brands available and the best way is to go and have a look yourself. Below are some of the types of light switches and power outlets available today.

Light Switches
  • The standard switch
  • The dimmer
  • The pressure sensitive switch
  • The noise sensitive switch
  • The timer switch
  • Motion sensor light switch
  • Two way switch
  • Waterproof switch
Power Outlets
  • Single power outlet
  • Double power outlet
  • Triple power outlet (3 way)
  • Quadruple power outlet (4 way)
  • Surge protection power outlet
  • Earth sensitive safety switch

Ensure you select electrical fittings that blend into the interior.

Ensure you select electrical switches and  fittings that blend into your interior.

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