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What you need to know about light switches

Depending on the country you live in will determine the brand of switching that is available however here are the main types of light switches on the market today.

The main point to remember about a switch is that it does just that, ie switches the current on or off or in other terms opens or closes the circuit allowing the electricity to the fitting such as a light.

You’ll choose the switch for aesthetics, ergonomics and fucntion. All three are important to the interior designer, not just the aesthetics.

  • The standard switch (on and off)
  • The dimmer (can dim the lights)
  • The pressure sensitive switch (works by touching a pad)
  • The noise sensitive switch (is activated by noise)
  • The timer switch (is programmed to activate at a specified time)
  • Motion sensor light switch (activates with movement)
  • Two way switch (ideal for hallways, it can be switched from two separate places)

Triple light switch

Triple light switch

Power Outlets

  • Earth sensitive safety switch (as soon as it is earthed outside of the curcuit the power supply cuts out)
  • Single power outlet
  • Double power outlet
  • Triple power outlet (3 way)
  • Quadruple power outlet (4 way)
  • Surge protection power outlet (it stops the spiking of electricity, necessary when using sensitive equipment)
  • Waterproof switch (exterior light switch, often has plastic or rubber covering)
  • Range
  • Security systems
  • Data (outlets for phone / fax and computer)
  • Garage door openers
  • Aerials

Double power outlet with central switch (for waste disposal in this case)

Double power outlet with central switch (for waste disposal in this case)

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