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The Electrical Fittings – How to Choose Them

You will need to consult with your local supplier to the styles and colors of fittings that are available as the ranges are extensive.

For example although most fittings now are plastic, the facings on them can be many colors and finishes ranging from simple white plastic to brushed stainless steel and gold plate. The style can be ultra modern, nostalgic, heritage or architectural.

All switches have some sense of ergonomic value however you as the designer still need to consider the types and placing of the switching and sockets.
Once again you need to ascertain who is going to be using the switching as well as ensuring that it fits in with your design.
Plugs and switches are obtrusive things that often look like blemishes on a wall however there are ways to overcome this such as architrave switching (i.e. the switch is hidden in the architrave), noise activated lighting so that the light switch doesn’t have to be in the most prominent position beside the door, or architectural or heritage switches that should be features of the room.

Double light switch

Double light switch

You will also take account of the user, such as children within the home having the light switch that they can reach and the safety socket that they can’t poke things into resulting in death or injury.

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