Bathroom Faucets

Types of Bathroom Faucets and Taps

There are so many different types of bathroom faucets and taps available as well as finishes, so what we will focus on is what they are used for, the styles and the ergonomic properties of taps and the faucet.

The best way to select them, after you have read through these definitions on the links to follow, is to visit your local plumbing and tapware merchant and try them out yourself.

Feel the action of turning the faucets on, see if it is comfortable, make sure there is enough room for your hands to get a good grip, remembering that they are wet when you need to turn them off, and check that the spout or where the water comes out will reach the desired destination.

I have seen many projects where the water runs straight from the sinkmixer, straight down the plughole.

Below are the areas that we will address with links for further information.

Finding bathroom faucets and taps that suits the room's theme is crutial, imagine a polished chrome mixer in this pedestal basin, I don't think so.

Finding tapware that suits the room’s theme is crutial, imagine a polished chrome mixer in this pedestal basin, I don’t think so!

Taps and Faucets

Find out about the important features to look for in a tap or faucet. Think about who will be using it, what are their needs and what look will suit your room. Read more on taps / faucets

The Spout

Learn about this often overlooked fixture. The spout is important as this is where the water comes out, choose one too small and the water won’t reach the bathtub, too large and you will always be knocking yourself on it while you are in the bath. Read more on the spout

The Shower Head

The shower head has had a lot of focus lately and become very stylish and sophisticated, showers are no longer the domain for simply washing, they now can massage and spray your whole body from all angles simultaneously. Read more on the shower head.

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