Bathroom Decorating Accessories

Bathroom Decorating Accessories

Bathroom decorating accessories are the items that we always leave out of your budget because we don’t think about them, we take them for granted.

Then we need them and we have to rush out and make uninformed decisions.

This and the following pages will help you plan your bathroom, and not leave anything to the last minute.

It will make your project run smoothly.
You will learn about bathroom products, what they are and where they go, the different types and their advantages and disadvantages.

The Extract Fan An essential item for any bathroom, especially internal bathrooms, they take away steamy air and help keep your bathroom dry.

Heat Lamps and Heaters There is nothing worse than taking your clothes off to have a shower in a freezing cold bathroom, a heather is a necessity.

Towel Rails and Heated Towel Rails Heated towel rails keep your towels dry and warm, and towel rails are a necessity for any bathroom.

Toilet Roll Holder Find out about the smallest item in the bathroom, the toilet roll holder, it plays a vital part in any bathroom and needs to be good quality to endure wear and tear.

Soap Dispensers Important to stop germs spreading, a soap dispenser is cleaner and easier to use than a cake of soap sliding around the basin.

The Vanity Unit Numerous types, find out the pros and cons of different materials and options to select the vanity unit that suits your needs.

Simple and functional vanity unit, not much room for storage though, something to consider!

Simple and functional vanity unit, not much room for storage though, something to consider.

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