Bathroom Wall Finishes

Bathroom Wall Finishes

Find information on color, paint and wall coverings to help you make decisions on your bathroom wall finishes.

Using color in the form of paint or wall coverings is a brilliant way to add decoration to a bathroom. It definitely creates the mood and theme as well as wall paper adding texture and pattern.

Often bathrooms can look cold and sterile, all the fixtures are white and stark, the fixings cold and shiny, simply by adding a yellow and white striped wall paper the space is brighter and has atmosphere.

A border can be fun to add, especially if it is a children’s bathroom or a holiday home. You can theme with lots of colored shapes on a border, a border of bubbles, or a nautical themed border for a beach house.

There are so many wonderful designs to choose from.

bathroom wall finishes - wallpaper used in this bathroom.

Wallpaper in this bathroom adds drama and creative flair.

When renovating wallpaper is often a wise selection for the walls. Over time the substrate (wall surface) can become imperfect after years of redecoration and it can be quite expensive to repair and fill or replace to paint over. Wallpaper won’t hide all the imperfections but it will make them less noticable than a paint finish would.

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