Features of Wallpaper

Modern Features of Wallpaper for Interior Design and Decorating and Types of Wallpaper Adhesives

Wall Hangings – Modern Features


Marvellous invention. This provides a very durable surface that can repel dampness, dirt and steam. Ideal for wet areas such as kitchen and bathrooms and high maintenance areas, children’s bedrooms. When the paper gets soiled – a wipe with a damp cloth or a light scrub will remove the mess.

Pre – Pasted

This saves a lot of time and makes hanging wallpaper a lot less messy. No paste is required; all that is necessary is a water trough to soak the paper in.

Easy Peel (Dry Peelable)

A revolutionary new way to make changing paper easier. The top layer of the vinyl surface is “peeled” off leaving the backing paper still fixed to the wall, ready for the application of new paper.


These are narrow widths of wallpaper available in 5 metre or 10 metre rolls and come in varying widths. They are a decorative item, which can be used to create different spaces on walls. For example run horizontally around the wall a heavier paper below and a lighter paper above, or co-ordinating paint and paper. There are many co-ordinating ranges of papers that include borders. They can be used to frame simple fixed mirror, go around doors, and highlight features. They are ideal for baby’s rooms as the border can be upgraded as the child grows without having to repaper/paint the entire room. Borders can be used to provide a theme throughout a house, changing the colors from room to room but using the same border design.

Types of Adhesives used for Wall Hangings

Starch Paste

Starch paste is made from maize, corn, potato or wheat. It is in a powdered form, made to paste by adding water. It has a fungicide added during manufacture. It has a tendency to mark the wallpaper so it is not commonly used. There are three types available – cold water, hot water and dextrine (stains more than others, rarely used).

Cellulose Paste

This is a combination of various cellulose ethers obtained from cotton or wood pulp, these are alkali treated and combined with synthetically produced starch ethers. It is available in two grades – standard and heavy duty, both contain strong fungicides.

PVA Adhesive

This is a ready-made glue of thick consistency. It has a high adhesive ability and is used for foils, vinyls and other heavier wall hangings.

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Types of Wall Hangings and Wallpaper

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