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Color effects everything we do – even more so when working in interior design and decorating.

Color changes our moods, makes us happy or hungry, aggressive or lethargic, so it is vital that you have some color theory knowledge to understand what each color means to help you create and choose successful color schemes for your home, or others.

This includes the meanings of color, the theory behind color and why we see it as we do. The composition and how to coordinate colors together to create stylish schemes.

With a little knowledge, choosing color schemes can be done as easy as 1- 2- 3 and we are here to help educate you.

Color swatches

This website provides all you need and more, free for you to create gorgeous color schemes for any house interior. Home decorating has never been easier. The first thing we want you to do is sign up for your free interior decorating color ecourse. This will guide you through the vast maze of color for interiors. The great advantage is, it is emailed to you and you use this website as your learning resource. Please take a moment and enrol in our free color ecourse, then you can come back and enjoy the rest of the website .

Color wheel

Color Schemes

We use the color wheel as a tool to show the different color relationships and combinations that are possible. We are here to teach you how to create color schemes yourself. If you just want some ideas, then check out the color scheme ideas below.

Learn about the Munsell Color System

Color Theory

Understanding the history of color sets up any interior designer and decorator above their competition, it provides you with invaluable background into how color works, why we see color, how we notate it and the psychological responses we feel when exposed to color.

An excerpt from the Munsell Color Notation System. The American Artist Albert Henry Munsell published a system in which he proposed a five pigment primary system, the principal hues using green, blue, purple, red and yellow. Read more on the Munsell Notation System

The Future of Feature Walls
Color Articles

These articles provide a deep understanding into color, they delve into balance, tone, color temperature, juxtaposition, texture and pattern, color and nature, choosing a look and many more great color tips and tools for the interior designer and decorator.

Here is an excerpt from – The Future of Feature Walls

Once upon a time the feature wall was just that, a feature, something used to draw our eye to a focal point in a room. Unfortunately, as with every good idea, when everyone jumps on the band wagon and creates a huge trend and swell of enthusiasm, the feature wall has been the catch cry for clients wanting good interior decorating schemes in their homes. Read more about feature walls

Interior Decorating Color IdeasColor Scheme Ideas

If you are here to get color scheme ideas. We have a variety of concepts, some from the color wheel and others are simply popular combinations. View popular color scheme ideas and photos.

Simplifying color choices – a great tool for making color selection fun and easy.

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