Feature Walls

Feature Walls – How to Use the Once Humble Feature Wall in Interior Decorating

Once upon a time the feature wall was just that, a feature, something used to draw our eye to a focal point in a room.

Unfortunately, as with every good idea, when everyone jumps on the band wagon and creates a huge trend and swell of enthusiasm, the feature wall has been the catch cry for clients wanting good interior decorating schemes in their homes.

As with every good idea that becomes popular, with overuse it’s once good properties get negated and it then becomes an eye sore as we have to view multiple feature walls in every room of a house, in different colors for each, just picture that.

Green Feature Wall

Read about this feature wall here

So lately, even the mention of the word feature wall has made my blood run cold and puts a shiver down my spine. Until I discovered a new way to tackle this problem. Hit it head on with pattern and texture. Yes it sounds quite frightful and it is if not used carefully and I think this should make it work far better than the previous painted wall feature wall option because it is very daring and few people will have the courage to follow through.

With the resurgence of wallpaper over the last few years, some absolutely fantastic new designs, colors and textures have been released, often teamed up with coordinating fabrics.

These are a great way to add a feature wall into a home. They really provide a feature and a definitive focal point of a room. Used simply on one wall in a dining room for example it can provide a focal point to form discussion at the table and creates an intimate space, without enclosing the room. These wallpapers are not cheap so an ideal way to use them is in small feature walls.

They work very well in modern architecture, when you have sheer walls of glazed windows, using wallpaper to a solid wall, (and lets face, often this is only one wall) can provide an original and expressive space to move away from the sterile look of all white.

If you are not daring enough to take up the challenge of bold designs, then subtle textures still work well, they change the form of the space and create interest.

The most important thing to remember about using feature walls in decorating is to restrain their use.

They are fantastic in entrance ways, making a good expression of your style when people enter and create a vivid lasting first impression. You can go quite over the top in this area as it is not a space where people spend a lot of time, it is a transitional space and can therefore carry dramatic designs very well.

Compare this to a bedroom, where you do spend a lot of time, it is better to tone down the design here, using more texture with subtle color changes in pattern usually work better here.

The main thing to remember is to make you interior flow, lead people through your home and make it a pleasing experience with the odd surprise of a feature wall here and there.

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