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Color is the most important part of interior decorating and as we are constantly finding color ideas everywhere we look, we need to be able to select color and make decisions to enhance the interior space we want to decorate.

That entails choosing multiple colors, and can become overwhelming.

That is why we have broken down the colors to show their color meanings, we profile, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, gray and brown to help you understand how color makes us feel. This is an easy way to rule out some colors for our interiors.

We also show how to combine these colors using the color wheel, this is a simple formula to enable you to make informed color scheme decisions, red schemes, orange schemes, yellow schemes, green schemes, blue schemes and purple schemes.

An easy way to learn about color is by video, we now have a small series of color videos, available to watch online.

Are you looking for color inspiration, see how we get inspired by color. Find a way to simplify your color choices.

Once you have grasped the color concepts you can learn how to create a color scheme, a step by step process to lead you through color making decisions.

Some people have a natural flair with color they can splash it everywhere and create wonderful original interiors, but if you ask them the theory behind their choices they can’t explain it, it simply came to them. In order for you to be able to consistently create quality interiors, then you need to have a good sound knowledge of color, how it makes us feel, how it can change the size and shape of a room, the appearance of weight and temperature. How to achieve balance and proportion, use texture and pattern and most of all gain confidence in your ability with color. If you want to be guided through the world of color then make sure you enrol for the free color ecourse. It is emailed to you and you read the lessons in your own time and you will love how much you learn in a short space of time.

Learn about color ideas

If you simply want some color tips and advice to help with your decorating or want to know how to choose a look or a style then we cover that too.

If you want to know the secrets about how interior designers learn about color, then start reading  color theory information it covers useful topics like the color spectrum, primary, secondary and tertiary colors, the Munsell color system, and warm and cool colors to name a few.

Read useful articles and color information like texture and pattern, blue the safe color, color effecting room size, balance, feature walls and many more.

If you are looking specifically for help with kitchen colors then visit our kitchens website which has an interesting article about choosing colors for kitchens.

If you want to learn and understand color in depth then you can purchase’s color ebook. This provides color theory, and allows you to have a solid understanding of how color works for interior design and decorating.

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