As we have learnt earlier – each color in light has it’s own wavelength and frequency. It is thought that every human disease corresponds to a specific color.

Color is absorbed through the skin and the eyes. Sunlight is the best way to stay healthy and balanced, and you need to absorb at least two hours a day. This makes sense, as everything we eat and breathe is essentially a product of sunlight in one form or another.

Therefore, chromatherapy is the treatment of human diseases through applying concentrated doses (more than sunlight) of color.

The human body can be divided into seven main centers of energy (chakras), each of these vibrate to a specific color and control a specific bodily process or organ.

Treatment therefore can be diagnosed (by a professional obviously) by which area of the body has problems, and the corresponding color is used.

There are many ways of treating with color, using colored lamps, which the body absorbs the color vibrations; combining color therapy with acupuncture and using acu light pens to pass color to the body via the acupressure points; or by focusing or meditating on one color which produces that color’s energy to flow through your body.

Chromatherapy is the treatment of human diseases through applying concentrated doses (more than sunlight) of color.   

The medical profession in a limited degree uses chromatherapy, you do not see strong bold colors in a hospital ward, everything is very pastel and muted, if not white.

It is very relevant to interior design when selecting colors, their intensity and where they are to go; therefore, careful consideration of your color selection for the environment and for those who are to use it is essential.

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