Famous Modern Furniture Timeline 1960 – 1969

Wow, new things happening with materials during this period. Plastics take the world by storm adding vibrant colors and more fluid shaped forms to be created in furniture.

Plastics were like the tubular steel of old, it opened up doorways for new furniture design, lightweight and versatile, designers like Joe Colombo, Vernon Panton and Anna Castelli-Ferreri stormed ahead concepting and manufacturing plastic stacking chairs, beautiful and versatile.
The 1960’s period was a lively decade in the arts and technology, many forces emerged influencing the change of design. The change in technology increased at a great pace, pushed by space travel, the defense industry and consumer booms. The concept of fashion entered design.
Cheap “fashionable” articles were made which could be thrown out afterwards. These products were designed to last for a short time only. The youth emerged as a strong market force that influenced design, attacking the principles of tradition. Designers began to explore the future influenced by fantasy films and the decade of space.

Italian designers became the leaders in design and the fashion setters, with everyone following their lead. The decade was remembered for the pop art culture, the Beatles, Woodstock, Peace, Love, Psychedelia and the Youth Force.

Famous Modern Classic Furniture for the period of 1960 to 1969

1960 Stacking Chair- Vernon Panton

1960 S Chair- Vernon Panton

1962-1963 Polyprop Chair – Robin Day

1963 Globe or Ball Chair Eero Aarnio

1964 Model 905- Vico Magistretti

1964 Model No.GF 40/4 – David Rowland

1964 Solus – Gae Aulenti

1965 Hammock PK24- Paul Kjaerholm

1965 Universale – Joe Colombo

1965 Action Office Suite- George Nelson and Bob Propst

1968 Pastilli or Gyro Chair- Eero Aarnio

1968 Universal Chair- Vico Magistretti

1968 Additional System- Joe Colombo

1968 Panton Chair – Vernon Panton

1969 Donna Up5 – Gaetano Pesce

1969 Birillo – Joe Colombo

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