Vico Magistretti

Vico Magistretti – Italian Designer

Vico Magistretti graduated from Milan University in 1945 after studying architecture and worked for his fathers practice.

In the 1960’s he began designing furniture.

He has worked for international manufactures such as Knoll International and Cassina. Some of his designs are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

He has won many international awards for his designs.

Vico Magistretti has designed some of the most simple, inventive and intuitive pieces to come out of Italy in the last 60 years.

His design flair with tables, chairs and lamps, is obvious as they are functional and aesthetically pleasing, fun and collectible.

Selene all plastic chair 1968 Artemide

Maralunga Sofa 1973 Cassina

Villabianca Chairs 1985 Cassina

Cardigan Sofa 1986

Verandah Chair 1983 Cassina

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