Eero Aarnio Ball Chair

Globe or Ball Chair 1963 Designed by Eero Aarnio, Made by Asko, Finland

Classic Designer Furniture Profile

Eero Aarnio’s Globe or Ball chair creates a personal cocoon.

The pedestal base is constructed of aluminium and the frame, a glass fiber shell, it has latex foam, upholstered in fabric creating a personal “room” enveloping the person with walls and ceiling.

Ball or Globe Chair - Eero Saarinen
These features were designed to protect the occupant from draughts and provide privacy. The pedestal base is similar to Eero Saarinens tulip chair.

The form of the chair is organic, typical of the 1960’s period of technology imitating nature.

Aarnio believed that designers should use the most up to date technology as much as possible.

This chair expresses Aarnio’s conscious effort to move away from traditional chair forms and construction and move forward using new technology.

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