Eero Saarinen Tulip Chair

Tulip Pedestal Chair 1956 – 1957 by Eero Saarinen

Classic Furniture Profile

The Tulip Pedestal Chair is constructed of a cast aluminum pedestal base, supporting a molded fiber glass reinforced plastic seat shell, even though it appears at a glance to be molded in one piece. It has a latex foam cushion upholstered in fabric.

The Tulip Pedestal Group consists of an armchair, side chair, two stools and several tables with a variety of top finishes, marble, timber and plastic laminate.

It’s form is typical of this organic period of molded concrete architecture and plastic futuristic designs, which were derived from organic forms.

Saarinen wanted to create a furniture design that did not clutter a room with the usual mass of legs, he also perfected his search for an organically unified form.

He also strived to use only organic materials but was unable as the fiber glass was not strong enough to hold the chair seat, therefore the aluminum base was used.

Today plastics are stronger and perhaps his dream will be realized as they make the entire form of the chairs, stools and tables in one piece as he originally designed.

The Tulip Pedestal Group was highly successful and has been copied worldwide. Unfortunately the sign of a popular design.

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