Eero Aarnio Pastilli Chair

Classic Modern Furniture Design Profile

Pastilli or Gyro Chair – 1968 by Eero Aarnio

Eero Aarnio created a novelty rocking chair.

It was constructed of molded fiber glass reinforced polyester and designed for interior as well as exterior use, this design won and AID award in 1968.

It’s smooth pod like form looks like a sculpture rather than a chair, and it’s rounded base makes it appear to float above the ground, like a flying saucer.

Pastili Chair - Eero Aarnio

Aarnio persued the biomorphic plasticity of the new production processes that were available from the late 1950’s onwards.

His concepts were well ahead of his time, not following any others style, he created his own to be followed, if you dare.

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Ball or Globe Chair - Eero Aarnio


Ball or Globe Chair – Eero Aarnio

Find out about this querky looking chair, no doubt you are slightly curious.

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