Famous Modern Furniture Timeline 1910 – 1919

A time for change – 20th Century furniture definitely tells a great story of change and by viewing and comparing the designers and their pieces of now famous in world history furniture, you can see how finally designers were unleashed and creativity and innovation was the winner.

All these designers in this period have different styles and traveled different paths to their design concept outcomes. The Red Blue Chair for example, I do not like this design as I find it very uncomfortable but I do appreciate the design concept in behind it that Rietveld was stripping back to basic structural form and producing furniture design at it’s raw state.

This chair is now one of the most recognized pieces from the Modern Movement of De Stijl Design, but I still would only own one for display as a piece of sculpture! Others would disagree with me. That is what is so great about this period of furniture design, it created a lot of conversation and with conversation comes education and with education comes more creative ideas for even better furniture design.

Famous Modern Classic Furniture for the period of 1910 to 1919

1910 Kubus Chair- Josef Hoffman

1911 Hamns Koller Chair- Josef Hoffman

1914 Midway Gardens- Frank Lloyd Wright

1917 Allen House- Frank Lloyd Wright

1918 DS4 Chair- Charles Rennie Mackintosh

1918 DS5 Sideboard- Charles Rennie Mackintosh

1918 Red Blue Chair– Gerrit Rietveld

1919 Hoge Stoel- Gerrit Rietveld

1919 Buffet- Gerrit Rietveld

1918 Red Blue Chair- Gerrit Rietveld

1918 Red Blue Chair– Gerrit Rietveld

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