Asian Interior Design Wood

Characteristics of Asian Wood from Pakistan, India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia

Hardwoods come from all areas of the globe and here we have a few examples of Asian wood for interior design. There are many more types of Asian wood available, but listed below are the more commonly used types of Asian wood for interior design.

Types of Timber and Wood Characteristics


– Hardwood
– Native of Burma (Thailand/Indonesia)
– Heartwood is golden brown often streaked with black and is very durable
– Sapwood is a yellow/whitish in color
– It has a coarse texture
– It doesn’t have distinctive growth rings
– Very hard timber
Uses – major use (boat fitting) as it has a low shrinkage factor. Paneling, high-class furniture, outdoor furniture, vats, laboratory benches.


– Hardwood
– Rich red color timber
– Native of Burma
– Coarse grain with dark streaks
Uses – paneling, veneers, decorative interior joinery

Keruing or Gerjun or Asian Mahogany

– Hardwood
– Native to Malaysia
– Light red / red brown color


– Hardwood
– Native to Solomon Islands
– Creamy gray timber color


– Hardwood
– Large tropical forest tree
– Native to West Malaysia / Sabah / Sarawak
– Heartwood is either yellow brown, brown or brown with a reddish tinge and is very durable
– Sapwood is a light yellow
– Fairly plain grain, some striping occurs
– It is difficult to work
– It is a hard timber (physically)
Uses – decking, fascia, marine applications, outdoor furniture, exposed structural timber or boarding
Balau timber for interior design


– Hardwood
– Native to Papua New Guinea
– Red brown timber color

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