Interior Design South American Wood

Interior Design South American Wood Guide

Interior Design South American wood  used in construction and veneers. These are beautiful woods that are great for inlay or matching and contrasting or just using on their own as sheet veneers. Different cuts of the wood will produce different grain effects and bring out different visual qualities of all woods and in particular interior design south American wood such as rosewood. As with all woods the finish and color that comes from the veneer is very dependent on how it is treated. Some woods are naturally beautifully colored and yet others lend themselves to light or heavy stains and polyurethane finishes that bring out the grain and texture in amazing ways. Experimenting as an interior designer is the only real way of determining for yourself the endless possibilities of the finishes with interior design south American wood

Characteristics of Timber and Wood from South America

Mahogany (Honduras)

– Hardwood

– Timber color is yellow brown to rich red brown

– Often has intricate grain pattern

– Native to South America

Uses – Veneers, furniture, high quality joinery

interior design south american wood Mahogany honduras

Rosewood (American)

– Hardwood

– Timber color is rich purple/brown/yellow and black

– Native of Brazil

– Very close texture, high grain appearance for great detail and contrast.

– Very dense timber

Uses – interior decorative joinery, cabinet making, veneers

Green heart

– Hardwood

– The heartwood is dark brown with a green tinge

– The sapwood is pale yellow

– Very hard dense timber, one of the few that is able to be used untreated.

– Free from Knots

– Native of South America

Uses – Flooring and stair treads

Parana Pine

– Softwood

– The heartwood is brown and occasionally has red streaks. It has a very deep color.

– The sapwood is almost white

– It has a straight uniform grain mostly knot free

Uses – Internal joinery and flooring

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