African Interior Design Wood

African Interior Design Wood

Types of Africa Wood for use in Interior Design

Timber veneers and solid timbers are used extensively in interior design. This article demonstrates types of African wood for interior design that are commonly used throughout the world. African wood has particular qualities and the mahoganies are generally hardwoods with a deep rich color in reds and browns. There are many types of African wood used for interior design below, here are some of the more common that are available on the market. Please remember to specify only sustainable African Wood for your interior design projects.

Sapele Mahogany

– Hardwood

– Large Tree

– Native of West Africa

– Heart wood dries to a rich red brown

– It has a fine close texture

– The timber is durable

– It has a cedar like scent when it is cut

– Striking feature is the double spiral grain that produces a very regular stripe or “roe figure” in quarter sawn material

Uses – paneling, furniture, boat building, shop and window fittings


– Hardwood

– Dark yellow brown color

– It has a coarse texture

Uses – veneers, flooring, high quality interior and exterior joinery.
Iroko - African wood for interior design


– Hardwood

– Light yellow color timber

– It has a dry open grain

– Native of West Africa

Uses – cabinet making
Obeche - Africa Wood for Interior Design

Mahogany (African)

– Hardwood

– Red Brown timber color

– Coarser grain than Honduras Mahogany

– Native of West Africa

Uses – Interior and Exterior joinery and veneers.
Mahogany-African - African Wood for Interior Design

Afromosia (Mahogany)

– Hardwood

– Golden Brown timber color

– It has an oily surface

– Close grained appearance

Uses – high quality joinery, furniture and veneers
Mahogany--Afromosia - African Wood for interior design

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