Dezine Tip -Which Kitchen Counter Top or Bench Top to Choose?

What is the main thing you notice in someone’s kitchen? The bench top or counter top!

What influences your decision when choosing a kitchen counter top or bench top material?

Budget and look mostly.

The price for materials or products ranges from natural stone granite at the top end to laminate at the bottom end.

Like any product or material that you select in interior design, they have many varying properties that can sway your choice rather than simply by how much it will cost. Durability, colors available, longevity to name a few.

4 Tips For Choosing Your Kitchen Counter Tops

Keeping it simple.

Know Your Preferred Kitchen Counter Top Look

When choosing your kitchen counter top, its best to have a few ideas about what you would like your kitchen to look like. By focusing on what look you want you can then narrow down the choices you have. Some counter tops or bench tops can give your kitchen a traditional look, others can give your home a contemporary feel, understanding what products you can use to create the look you want will make life easier. For example a timber counter top does not look contemporary, but it does really suit a country kitchen

Marble Bench Top

Choose a Bench Top Product That Suits the Way you Live

I know for a fact that I had always wanted a stone counter top, they look so elegant and luxurious. But now that I have one – I hate it! It breaks all my glasses and crockery. Some kitchen countertop options are better suited for certain lifestyles than others. Kids are just not as careful as adults and we now don’t have a matching set of anything! We have had a timber counter top before and it is much more forgiving. If you have a busy home with kids and mess in the kitchen, then a white granite countertop might not be best for your kitchen.

Engineered Stone Bench Top

Consider Long Term Maintenance of your Bench Top

Some kitchen counter tops require more maintenance than others. Granite counter tops can require regular sealing in order to maintain their luxurious look. They are also a costly product if they need to be repaired when damaged. Other kitchen counter tops materials like laminates are very cost effective, easy to look after and are low-maintenance. They can give your home a modern look without too much responsibility in terms of maintenance and there are so many color choices available.

Granite Counter Top

Mind Your Budget

There are a lot of expenses when you create a kitchen. Make sure you are realistic with the counter top budget. You may have always wanted a granite bench top but if you then scrimp on the rest of the kitchen, you won’t get an overall result that will be consistent, you need to have the rest of the kitchen functioning too.

Granite Counter Top

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