Design Tip – Choosing a Look

How do you choose your look when there are too many to choose from? Do you curse the day that you read that interior decorating magazine? Now you have been inspired to make changes but don’t know where to start?

Most people have got something that will give them an idea for how they want to theme their room. It can be an existing piece of furniture, a remnant of fabric, a family heirloom, a favorite upholstered chair, an artifact, a piece of artwork or that picture in a magazine!

If you already have an idea of what style you want to pursue, it could be nautical, French provincial, Victorian, Asian, Minimalist, then you can start researching for ideas around that look, theme or style. It has never been easier than with the internet, there are so many great websites that can provide detailed information on styles and periods that you will probably then need help with which one to choose!

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Bedroom Design Style

Bedroom style

So many bedroom styles! Here are some things to think about – budget, be realistic and prioritize what is important, I know for me a supportive and comfortable bed and quality linen is important. For others creating a sense of serenity may be the most important thing as they don’t sleep well so prioritizing blackout curtains and keeping light out in the morning is their most important aspect of bedroom design.

Decide on things you can change and things you can’t, for example curtains or carpet. Your bed or the furniture, lighting or wardrobes. If you have a natural flair for decorating – why not learn a bit more and make it your hobby – visit to discover easily accessible online courses in interior design and decoration.

Find your Look – Kitchen Design Style

Your Look - Kitchen Design Style

Kitchens are an area that is functional and creates the sense of family in a home, they are the hub where everyone gathers to prepare food and congregate. Things to remember here is how you will use your kitchen, sturdy robust products if you have young children, sensible flooring that is easy to clean and look after. If you have teenage kids you will need a large refrigerator and pantry as they eat all the time! Also the size of the oven and hob, if you need to cook for a lot of people then you will need larger appliance. Then when it comes to choosing the style make sure you consider the style of the rest of your home, make sure your new design style is sympathetic to your existing decoration.

Color Articles

Apartments can be a wonderful backdrop for making an artistic statement. Color and artistic design with simple functional furniture here, the large open space allows for making a big statement on the walls. Love it.

Apartment Bedroom Style

Apartment Bedroom - Your Look

It’s great when the space you have makes the design statement. You only need a few personal pieces to finish it off, like the carpet and floor cushion – they provide a sense of belonging and warmth to the bedroom.

Rustic Living

Rustic Living - Your Look

Sturdy farmhouse dining furniture, stone floor and block walls behind the stove create a rustic country kitchen space.

Eclectic Style

Defining your look

Sometimes we inherit bits and pieces that we love and it’s hard to part with them, so we add different styles and pieces so that we focus on each piece on it’s own merits. The coffee table is quite a different style to everything else in the room but by having similar shapes in the carpet it remains an important piece of furniture but it doesn’t jump out and scream that it doesn’t belong. There are all sorts of different styles in this room but they are tied together with color and texture. Eclectic design is probably the most used interior design style. Bits and pieces from different styles grouped together.

Using Art to Create Your Look

Using Art

Art can be a wonderful way of defining the design style in your room. It provides a good snapshot of your personal taste and as you can see from this room, you can keep the interior simple and use the art to express the style. How to hang art.

Have fun, go and get some ideas for finding your look! For more ideas of how to choose a style or look for your interior visit

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