Using Dark Colored Curtains

Using Dark Colored Curtains – Dezine Tip of the Day

An important dezine tip about using bold or dark colored curtains in a room, think very carefully about how they will look when they are hanging and their surrounding environment. Sound strange, confused?
What I mean is that dark curtains in a room where the walls are white (or light colored) become the dominant feature whether you want them to be or not, this is not a good look if you have small windows, a small space or you are trying to achieve a well balanced space as they can tend to make the room look lop-sided. The presence of a large dark mass stops your eye moving around the room harmoniously.
Dark curtains can work if you have the dark color on the floor, and your sofas or furniture are of an equal tone, so that you balance the dark color around the room or if the wall color is also a dark tone then there is not a large contrast. The dark curtains will also make the space feel more enclosed when they are drawn and the room smaller.

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