Paint Additives

What are Paint Additives?

If you what to know about the composition of paint, you can find more information here. Most paints and clear finishes have additives included in their makeup. There are the various types of additives.

Dryers and Hardeners


Dryers are incorporated into paints, which have a drying oil binder; this increases the absorption rate of oxygen, which speeds up the drying time.

Hardener (or catalyst)

Hardeners or Catalysts are added to paints with a particular synthetic resin binder. They create a chemical change that alters the synthetic resin to a hard film.

It is a component of two pack coating which, when combined in the correct proportion activates the chemical reaction required to change the coating to a dry film.

Flatting Agents

This additive reduces the gloss of the dried film of paint.

Anti Skinning Agents

This additive is used to prevent the forming of a skin on top of the oil-based paint, which sometimes occurs whilst it is in the tin.

Thixotropic Agents

This additive gives the paint a smooth gel like quality, which means that it doesn’t “drip” as much as other paints and it doesn’t require stirring in the tin.


Plasticizer provides flexibility in the coating, stabilizer prevents component separation.

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