Marbling Paint Effects

Marbling Paint Effects Used in the Extreme

Marbling an Entire Floor

The proud owner’s of this new contemporary open plan home wanted something original, something that they hadn’t seen when searching for flooring product.

They wanted to make a statement and have something different than the neighbours, so they got their creative juices thinking.

They employed the services of an artist who was recommended by their color consultant Rhondda Carnevale.

The artist added to the equation and helped bring their dreams to reality.

The “marble” floor was hand painted using a marbling paint effects technique.

A lot of love and creative energy went into this floor and the finished product says it all.

Most definitely different from the neighbours.

With a young family the floor is ideal, it is easy to clean and difficult to damage.

It has numerous coats of polyurethane to protect the painting and literally glows in the sunshine as if it was highly polished marble.

Marbeling decorative paint effects used in the extreme.

Marbeling decorative paint effects used in the extreme.

A close up view of Marbling faux paint effects

A close up view of marbling faux paint effects

The colors in the floor enhance the kitchen cabinetry and highlight the muted tones creating a slick modern contemporary look with the added difference of texture to the floor.

The weight of the floor color grounds the interior scheme allowing the eye to focus on the detail of the cabinetry and tiling work in the kitchen.

An opulent marble look is achieved for a lot less money than the real thing, and it is probably more valuable as it is a genuine one of a kind work of art.

Overall an inspiration to all designers out there to try something different!
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