Color Appearance of Size

The Appearance of Color Size –

Psychology of Color

Colors psychologically effect the way we live, they heighten and lower our senses, feelings and emotions. By learning some some basic principals of color psychology and how color effects us and our environment, we can begin to use color to our advantage in interior decoration to successfully create spaces that achieve the mood we want people to feel in that room.

The green block appears smaller than the yellow.

The green block appears smaller than the yellow.

The red block looks smaller than the white

The red block looks smaller than the white.

Color Size

Color changes the apparent appearance or size of objects. The colors that look heavy also look small. Using the colored blocks again, all of equal size; red will look the smallest and white the largest.

In relation to interiors, a dark red sofa will look smaller than a white sofa of the same style and size. This knowledge can be useful when you need to maximize a small space.

The appearance of color and size is quite confusing as it differs to when we use color to paint walls for example. When we paint walls, as a rule of thumb, the darker the walls, the more enclosing the space feels, the lighter the walls, the bigger the space feels.

You can experiment yourself with furniture if you have the opportunity, or a simple way is to use a vase in a department store, choose different colored vases of the same size and shape and line them up on a table and see if they all look the same size or not.

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