Achromatic Color Schemes

Achromatic Color Scheme Examples

An achromatic color scheme is simply colorless scheme possessing no hue, using only black, white and gray.

Achromatic color scheme

An achromatic color scheme – from black to white

A variation of this is possible, making a warm or cool achromatic by adding a hint of red yellow or blue to the neutrals. This is easily done by a paint supplier if you want to use this type of color scheme to paint walls.

Black and White Bathroom Color Scheme

black and white bathroom

Probably the most common of all achromatic color schemes is the black and white color scheme. Shown in this photograph in a very popular format. The black and white checker board flooring creating a stunning contrast to the floor and grounding the color scheme, then the remainder of the room is a crisp and fresh white, with a black dado decorative tile and black diamond tile insert into the tiles creating a feature to the walls and lowering the extreme height of the ceiling somewhat.

Using Marble’s Natural Texture as Feature of Achromatic Color Scheme

marble achromatic color scheme bathroom

The texture of the marble floor and walls create the interest in this hotel disabled bathroom suite. The only color is in the timber mirror surround – do we class that as color or a neutral? Good question.

Relief Provides Interest In Achromatic Kitchen Color Scheme

Relief Provides Interest In Achromatic Kitchen Color Scheme

The moldings on the kitchen cabinetry provide relief and are the focal point of this intricately designed kitchen. The counter or bench top is a natural marble in grays, blacks and white and provides a defined break in the kitchen space. The black painted walls and black vinyl flooring mean that the white of the kitchen cabinetry literally jump out at you because of the high contrast. The only color added here is the copper pots hanging above the kitchen island and on the counter top.

Achromatic Color Schemes are a simple color scheme to master, and the results are usually stunning.

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