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Rather than read about color, why not watch color videos? has set up a new way of teaching interior decoration to you. This is done in the “Interior Dezine in a Minute” video format online.

Color Videos

Get excited visit interiordezine’s color videos to watch them now. 

We also have a sister interior design learning website that has a Youtube channel focused on color videos too!

Color Tips

There is so much to learn about with color for interiors, learning in bite sized pieces, tips and tricks makes it fun and easy. The best thing is you barely know you are learning. So go grab a coffee and check out a few of our color videos and in case you are too busy right now and need to bookmark it and come back later there are a few quick color tips for you right now – we know you hate to wait!!

Here are a few color tips for you now:

Color schemes work best when you use one dominant color as the main theme and scatter accent colors around the room to add detail, pattern and texture.

Using accent colors more than once in a room creates harmony and balance, if you want to use a stand alone color, then make this a focal point.

To ground a scheme select a dark flooring, the opposite works for making a space float or feel open, select a very light floor.

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Love color

Using color combined with pattern and texture add the professional level of interior design to an interior space. Check out the orange here, love it!

Dark floor
A dark floor can ground the interior color scheme, this means it has weight on the ground allowing for the other items in the room to look steady and settled. This is a great monochromatic version of this.
Learn about color for interiors

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