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We all love interior design and are constantly looking for more secret tools to help us make our homes look better and feel better. I have recently completed a video course for Udemy called 9 Steps to Transform any Room in your Home. It has a wealth of interior design secrets to help you make your home look like an interior designer has swept through it! The great thing is I can give you a free sneak peak at some of these design secrets. Udemy allows some lessons to be available for free so you can try them out. So I strongly suggest you go and take a look and grab those few free interior design secrets from here. If you learn from the free lessons think about taking the whole course. It’s fun and I have 5 great 5 star reviews already and it has only been live for three weeks! (The link I have provided here is already loaded with a discount too!)

9 Steps to Transform any Room in Your Home Video Course Preview

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Here is a preview of the free video lessons available. Go take a look and find some interior design secrets!

Here are a few screen shots of the Creating Tablescapes Lesson – Grap your Free Interior Design Secrets

Creating tablescapes - free interior design secrets

Clear and easy to read instruction with lovely images.

Designer Tip – Tablescapes are a simple but stunning way to add a little something special to any bare space in the home. Whether it is a collection or an assortment of special things, a tablescape creates artwork out of a lonely corner or a bare table. It is also a very good way of adding to a theme you already have established.

More free interior design secrets to help you transform a room in your home

Great visual examples complete with interior designer narrative.
(Much better in the video format – go take a look!)

Design Tip – Tablescapes, now onto the arranging. The best and easiest method is to work in a pyramid shape. Place your biggest piece at the back or slightly off-center and work forward and outwards with the medium and smaller pieces. Group items of similar theme or color together and add in a contrasting texture or color to add a point of interest to the arrangement. Make sensible decisions – you don’t want your tablescape to look cluttered. If you have lots of little objects, create a grounded look (and one that’s easier to clean) by placing them on a tray or similar that works as part of the arrangement.

Love the tablescapes examples - free interior design secrets

Working examples of how and where to place tablescapes.

Design Tip – an example here is using a tray on the coffee table is a great way to be able to use the table for decoration as well as an easy pick up and move when you want to use the coffee table for entertaining. Make sure you get your free interior design secrets.

Simple yet effective tablescape example

It’s amazing how these little interior designer secrets can add so much detail and professionalism to a space, see how this simple yet effective tablescape steals the show in this room.

Love the contrast of the color and the tablescape items

Great ideas to help you create your own tablescapes. I love the contrast of the wall color and the tablescape items in this example.

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Go and preview the course – you will get quite a few useful free interior design secrets presented well with clear and easy to understand instructions. Have fun!

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